FORLIGHT, the new LEDS-C4 brand, launched in 2015, offers a wide range of lighting solutions giving priority to the price-quality ratio. 25 years experience in designing and manufacturing luminaires enables us to present carefully selected products for each of the 140 countries where we are present. Working closely with our clients and commercial partners, we continue to propose and develop products to satisfy all of their needs so that in this new Forlight catalogue, both they and you will be able to find all of the must have products to illuminate homes and projects.

FORLIGHT designs, conceived in Europe following the ultimate trends, include Exterior, Technical-Commercial and Decorative products. In all of them, functionality and a high degree of performance prevail with additional emphasis on their easy installation. 
Our purpose is to reach the largest number of customers with updated, practical and efficient designs coupled with the best price possible, and all of that with a service and guarantee that LEDS-C4 imposes on all their brands. Behind Forlight you will be able to find the most professional team, with an outstanding grasp on the importance of taking care of even the smallest detail.

The success of our last catalogue reassured us with our idea of opening new product opportunities for all our clients. So in this FORLIGHT 2017 catalogue, we present a wide range of innovations and improvements of which we will continue to develop to meet the requirements and demands of customers old and new. We hope this new catalogue becomes a valuable tool for you and we look forward to creating many more success stories together.

FORLIGHT…Easy Light!